Wayne Richards


Fifty Years and Counting


Sun, March 4

7:30 pm


Tickets: $28


For decades, Wayne Richards has exhibited his piano/vocal skills at popular venues throughout the Chicago area , the Midwest and overseas.  But he has also traveled down avenues of other endeavors such as composing for the stage, film and recording.  This concert will celebrate an impressive benchmark of fifty years of entertaining professionally.


Joining Richards for this celebration of music will be Chicago pianist / vocalist Sami Scot, cabaret performer and lyricist, Carla Gordon , vocalists Cindy Windsor and Shannon Townsend.  Each of these amazing talents have been important figures in Wayne’s career.


This show is about never giving up on your dreams.  It is a true musical journey.  Wayne will be your tour guide in a stage show that will make you smile and tug at your heart strings.


About the cast:


Wayne Richards has walked down several musical avenues of endeavor.  His adventures in creating original music for stage, film and the pop music market will be explored in this special 50 YEAR celebration of Richard’s career as a multi faceted entertainer.


Sami Scot is a highly respected and legendary pianist / vocalist who has performed in a wide variety of venues throughout Chicago such as the PUMP ROOM, THE 95TH and currently Sabatino’s on weekends.  Her artistry has been noted from Switzerland to Sweden to Japan and beyond.  Sami will perform two songs co-written with Wayne Richards.


Carla Gordon is a well respected Chicago based cabaret performer and producer who has written and produced numerous shows including the critically acclaimed show, BLACKLISTED, presented numerous times here at the Skokie Theatre.  For ten years, Carla Gordon and Wayne Richards have co-written material performed by cabaret performers throughout the country.


Shannon Townsend served as choreographer (CATCH ME IF YOU CAN and SIDE SHOW) for Chameleon Theatre Circle in Minneapolis, Minnesota.   Shannon performed in the first production of Wayne Richard’s musical, A SUMMER STORM in 2002.  She is a highly active dance instructor in the twin cities.


Cindy Windsor is a vocalist who has toured with Wayne Richards to such locations as Waterloo, Iowa and Valley Forge, Pennsylvania to perform at corporate shows.  Windsor also lended her powerful voice to Wayne Richard’s classic recording, MACKINAC DREAMS.  In recent years, Cindy has become a much sought after anthem singer for both college and professional sporting events.


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